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"where engineering meets design"

(how we do it)

Whether it’s the first moment pen is put to paper or later in development process, 3CS (CAD Consultancy Customising Solutions) will ensure that a pleasant journey of creation & training starts to unfold, with the final destination a completed project that realises everyone's expectations.

3CS friendly and flexible team of professionals use a proactive, independently minded approach to deliver future ready solutions. Their passion and dedication questions assumptions and drives innovation.

3CS provides answers to what appear impossible problems by approaching the situation from a different perspective, applying “out of the box" ideas and methodology.

3CS works seamlessly as an extension of your current team or design force either at your company location or remotely, providing support when and where you need it most.

“3CS delivering client's maximum market advantage”

3CS over the years have built up an extensive supplier and networking database that allows them to introduce new materials, techniques and production processes, delivering clients' maximum market advantage.

3CS Development Processes

initial consultation
think tank / brainstorming

In order to stand out in today’s market it takes more than a good quality product.  Vision, knowledge, continuous trial improvement, a structured approach and good cooperation through the delivery process are indispensably.

3CS still remains one of the best kept secrets in CAD consultancy service industry but the only way to really experience what sets them apart is to challenge their inspirational team. You will be pleased you started the journey.


“Your competition is probably already using 3CS”

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  3CS CAD Consultancy Customising Solutions - "where engineering meets design"      


Philips (Massive) Lighting Belgium - 3CS Team Briefing at Clients Headquarters Samsonite – Mechanical Engineering to Apply Suitcase Gel Giving Distinctive Product Identity Museum Showcase Design – Unigraphics Software used for Development Process then to Generate Fully Rendered Images for Client Approval Implementation in Workshops of Unique Museum Showcase Design – Installation will also be carried out by 3CS