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"where engineering meets design"

(what we do)

3CS provides a one stop solution for all your CAD (computer aided design), 3D engineering, modelling, programming and development requirements.

Utilising the very latest 3 dimensional CAD systems like Inventor, Unigraphics and Pro/ENGINEER, 3CS promotes best practices in design while ensuring compliance with your industry and company standards.

3CS Services

cad consultancy
customised solutions
product development
software programming

By combining the power of CAD to engineering know-how and experience, 3CS steers the client through a systematic process to ensure requirements are met and future ready solutions realised.

“simple idea, rough sketch or concept”

Whether it’s simply an idea, rough sketch or full working concept, 3CS flexible approach proves supportive to the client, making solutions unfold in the form of fully rendered 3D models and prototypes.

This ability allows the development team to view, amend and test even the most difficult organic forms in virtual & solid 3D, resulting in faster development and reduced cost.

3CS continues to establish long term relationships with a wide range of diverse clients and suppliers to deliver continuous improvement year on year. This simple approach preserves project knowledge, flow procedures and client preferences as one project is replaced by the next.

The growth and success of 3CS lays in the abilities of their team. To support this commitment access to training, development and exposure to new technologies are paramount and available to all.

It is only by fully understanding new technologies and production techniques in an ever changing market that allows 3CS to deliver future ready solutions with complete client confidentiality.

“3CS the best kept secret your competition doesn’t want you to know about”

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F: +32 (0)329 654 77
  3CS CAD Consultancy Customising Solutions - "where engineering meets design"      


3CS Initial Consultation & Think Tank Meeting with Client Unigraphics Cad System - 3CS Project Development of Complete Range of Aesthetically Designed Low Energy Domestic Light Fittings 3CS Project Development Team Working With Senior Samsonite Designer - Revolutionary Light Weight Suitcase Range 3CS Delivering One Stop Solutions CAD through to Manufacturing & Production